The quiet, odd and poetic web

Naive Weekly aims to expand what the internet is and can be. Every Sunday since 2018, I’ve delivered postcards with links to the quiet, odd and poetic web. I prefer avenues different from technology optimism, criticism and solutionism.

The sites I include are made by artists, designers, educators, developers, organizers and writers who seek alternatives to nostalgia for a lost web without being blinded by the eternal utopian promises of infant technologies.

My tone is personal because I wish to foster an atmosphere that steers you like a gentle river, away from abstraction and into the wild sea with your pockets full of flower seeds.

“Naive Weekly is one of the week's highlights for me — every Sunday, and no matter what else is going on in the world or my life, I know that I will wake up to a thoughtful, poetic celebration of exploration in all shapes, sizes and colors. It's a gift, really.”

— Jacob Åström


“A few Substacks, especially bookbear express and Naive Weekly, have felt like gifts to me this year.”

— Laurel Schwulst


“One of the best living and breathing manifestations of the internet as a forest to wonder around, get lost in, gather from and be inspired by. Absolutely love stumbling through Kristoffer's weekly bundle of odd and creative and surprising and curious websites/pages from his digital wanderings, as well as sitting with his intimate writings and reflections from his analogue life.”

— Doug Banks


“Like a babbling brook — a quiet respite from all the chaos and an ever-evolving hub of activity that houses all sorts of incredible life found on the Internet. Is one of the reasons why I love email so much!”

— Shen


“Naive Weekly doesn‘t want to sell you anything. It doesn‘t need your attention but it‘s there if you want it. It‘s a quiet door to a lot of weird, fascinating and curious places across the internet. A quiet meditation of the creative web that‘s still out there.”

— Johannes Klingebiel


“Naive Weekly is a source of such wonderful, odd little links and projects that never fail to interest and please.”

— Matt Muir

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